We're all influenced. We can only hope that we're aware of it and that, while trying to understand those influences, we can define our own unique direction. 

It's not about elitism, or style, or popularity – it's your strength of mind and the depth of your passion that defines your path. 

A path that you can explain, expand, change, challenge and allow to evolve. 

But it remains your own.

Roux. is the creation of fashion designer Greg White and advertising agency Kastner & Partners in London (K&P). Drawing on 10 years' experience living and working in London’s Soho district, they are inspired by the people, architecture and style that embody the area, and imbue their clothes with the same unique qualities. For K&P, the collaboration is also a chance to enact the agency's entrepreneurial philosophy. 

Roux. A brand for those that don’t follow a path. They Carve Their Own.